MasterPortal demo clients

Please follow one of the two links below for demonstrations of the CILogon-based AARC pilot work. For a general introduction, see this blog post.
If you need to register in the VO, send a brief mail with your DN (use the Basic Demo to see it) and a one-line explanation to mwsec at

See also the EGI MasterPortal's SSH public key upload portal:

  1. upload an SSH public key at this portal
  2. follow one of the flows above or use the EGI demo VO portal (needs to be repeated every 10 days)
  3. download a proxy certificate using:
     ssh > /tmp/x509up_u$(id -u) && chmod 0400 /tmp/x509up_u$(id -u)
  4. you can get help about extra options using
     ssh help
See further SSH Key Portal end-user information